Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Earlier this summer, I not-so-subtly let the principal know that I'd like to be on the teacher interview panel. We have a few slots to fill, and I've only had one chance to be on the "other" side of the table.

Yeah. That was a mistake.

As a warm-up to the teacher interviews, I get to sit on the interview panel for...a part-time health aide. Fun fun.

For a teacher, I would be looking for a million characteristics and qualifications. Do you believe in our mission? Do you respect our students? Do you teach well? Will you fit in with our team? Of course, HR probably won't let me ask any of those questions, but at least I'd have an idea before the school year starts!

For a health aide, with whom I generally interact only by writing notes about student symptoms, I have just two questions:
  1. Are you qualified?

  2. Do you like kids?

If the person can sincerely answer both questions in the affirmative, he or she is fine by me.

Our previous aide couldn't answer number 2 correctly; she was so mean to our kids! My students, contrary to normal adolescent behavior, actually stayed in class when they were horribly sick rather than endure her sighs, rolled eyes, and sharp comments about how they were making her job too difficult.

Her job, in my observation, seemed to include the following: taking temperatures, holding prescription medication, and organizing the scoliosis, hearing, and vision tests.

Let's hope these interviews go well. It scares me that some well-meaning person hired that last person!

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