Saturday, January 23, 2010


Monday: No school.
Tuesday: First day of Midterm Exams. Rain, thunder, wind. The first two are great. Wind, however, makes me incredibly tense. Part of the reason I left Oklahoma.
Wednesday: Second day of Midterm Exams. Rain, thunder, wind, and OH, YEAH! A tornado warning! Wind still makes me tense, and tornadoes are on my short list of things that truly scare me. Another part of the reason I left Oklahoma. Colleague's car gets crunched by a loon driving way too fast by the school.
Thursday: Midterm hiatus, minimum day, also my 100-minute prep that comes twice a week. Lighter rain, only a little bit of thunder, and the kids didn't really talk about the tornado. Would have been an easy day, except for the 2 girls whose families decided to jump into their middle-school drama. Seriously, people, you're adults, they're adolescent girls. Let them work it out. You REALLY want to press charges? Okay...I guess I'll call the officer on campus...who is off in 5 minutes... Behavior like this is one of the reasons I left the school in Oklahoma. Wait, WHAT, officer? You're blaming ME for this??? You obviously have no clue what goes on at this school, how hard we work to maintain a culture of safety and respect. We've been working with these girls since they joined the school last year. You might have noticed that this is the first time you've ever had to come over to this end of the campus! Don't blame me because you ended up staying an extra hour.
Friday: Midterm Exams day 3. More rain, without the wind, thunder, tornadoes, and drama. Stayed for the Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser, hobnobbed and took pictures, and may have convinced a few more parents to send their kids on the Washington DC trip. The fundraiser was a HUGE success, and I came home happy.
Saturday: 12:41. Still in sweats, under a fleece blanket, with my cat on my lap. Played two rounds of Age of Empires III, then messed around in Photoshop before it froze. Ignoring the 6-inch stack of grading, even though report card grades are due Monday. Or are they? Maybe it's Wednesday. Husband brought me hot chocolate before going in to the office, and I peeled myself out from under the cat long enough to grab some oatmeal. Was this really just a 4-day week?

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