Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Reading for Teachers

Having just returned from a family reunion and a field trip to Washington D.C., I can finally sit down and check my google reader to see what I've missed.


I've opened the interesting articles in new tabs, saved a few PDF's to read, skimmed through and closed the underwhelming pieces...and I still have too many windows of things I want to remember and implement this year. Okay, then. Here we go.

1. A 92 Percent Homework Turn-in Rate,
  • I've finally organized paperwork to the point where this could actually be useful!

2. Eighth-grade graduations might signal how low we set the bar

  • We have this discussion every year, and our conclusions are the same: non-existant. Any ideas?

3. Educational Professional Development

  • A good resource, although it's wishful thinking in my district. They'd rather have us attend the "unpaid professional development opportunities" that are poorly-run and uninformative.

4. 12 Things Teachers Should Do Over Summer Break

  • Too late for about 1/2 the items, probably won't do another 1/4, but I'm SO going to trivia night when my friend is in town!

5. Here’s My Top Five Mistakes Made By New Bloggers — What Are Yours?

  • Maybe I'm not such a terrible blogger after all! I'm surprised there's not an item that says "don't be insanely boring."

6. The Best Sources of Advice For Teachers (And Others!) On How To Be Better Bloggers
7. How to Motivate Your Students
8. How to Start a Lesson Plan

9. Self Education It's cool.

This is just a start. Wish me luck!

Oh, yeah...what else should I read?

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